Counselling is a process whereby a client and a therapist work together in order to build a confidential trusting relationship that will allow the client to explore whatever it is that brings them to counselling.

You will feel listened to while you work towards understanding yourself and your challenges. You will have somebody to support you, giving you the chance to develop in the way that you want to.

is counselling for me?

  • Are you confused about your emotions, unsure why you don’t feel good enough sometimes, even though you are doing your best?

  • Are you struggling with what you think might be depression or anxiety?

  • Do you find that you are feeling overwhelmed or even stuck?

  • Could you benefit from a relationship that will allow you to feel supported and for you to grow?

If you feel that you need to talk with somebody about past experiences in order to be able to make sense of them, come to terms with them and to continue to develop as a person with that fresh understanding, then counselling could be for you.

what results can i expect from counselling?

The aims of therapy will vary for each client, but general aims will include:

  • Feeling less stressed and more focused on living a life that seems clearer

  • Developed awareness of your patterns of behaviour, leading to better decision-making

  • Increased self-understanding leading to an appreciation of why other people might act as they do

  • Knowledge of what it is like to feel supported and listened to

  • Knowledge of what it is like to feel someone is dedicated to understanding you

  • The benefits of a consistent relationship

how long does counselling take?

There is no true answer to this question, but in order for you to explore whatever it is that brings you to counselling, there needs to be a trusting relationship, so think to yourself how long you would like it to take before you trust another person with thoughts and feelings that are very personal to you.

I work with clients on an open-ended basis, for as long as they want to. I can also develop a more structured approach if you want to focus on something specific for a fixed length of time.